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Attached Signs are a great way to advertise and display additional messages to your customers.
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An attached sign is a product that is used on the exterior of your facility to add information to an existing sign. These signs are common in business parks or places that house multiple companies. The attached signage will account for tenant displays and location verification. They can also be used to broadcast useful information for your company, such as contact info, services and products offered, and you can even display your company’s logo to reinforce your business’s brand in the community! At Topaz SIGNWorks, we have an expert sign staff that will work with you to construct a one of a kind sign product that produces all the results you require. We can take your idea, and conceptualize it into a signage reality! There are many tailoring options like color choices, stylized fonts, and even embossed borders. Choose from many mediums, sizes, and shapes. Your final piece will be a sign investment that keeps on giving.  

Do you have questions about attached signs, or do you want to know how they can benefit your company specifically? Contact us at, and we will get you the answers you are looking for!  





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