Investing in a productive sign product can be a great marketing asset for your business. They are beneficial in gaining exposure, broadcasting relevant information, and enforcing regulations in your facility. One of the most effective sign options is a banner sign! They are inexpensive, durable, and offer a variety of customizing solutions. Our team recently provided a custom design and fabrication for the Knights of Columbus St. Patrick’s Day Dance event. This package was a complete success, and you can check out the images throughout the article to see the sign success for yourself!


Get Your Sign Package Started!

The beginning stages of protecting your banner investment involve consulting with the professionals who know what materials, size, and placement is required to produce the marketing results you want with your banner sign. There are many mediums available, and they differ depending on the placement, images used, and weight needed.  If you will have your banner in an area with high winds, then remember that a perforated banner is the best choice.


Banner Installation

If you would like to install the banner yourself, then you need to know the proper mounting methods. One of the first things to remember, is to never allow the banner to touch the ground. Banners should be mounted with even loads and tension on their respective mounting locations, and grommets. If the load is not apportioned evenly, then the banner is  may become damaged. Always utilize correct tools, and mounting hardware when installing your banner.


Maintaining Your Banner Sign


After you banner sign has been designed, constructed, and installed, it is time to learn the basics of maintenance. This means that your banner should be cleaned frequently, especially with certain fabrication materials. Avoid using bleach or other harsh chemicals, and use the required cleaning solutions for the medium you chose!


Keeping or Discarding Your Banner

The final process we will discuss is storage and disposal. These are both options available to you when your sign is no longer needed. If you can reuse your sign next season, or for your next event, then look into storage! Roll your banner loosely, and keep somewhere that is dark, cool, and dry. This will insure your sign investment retains its value. If you are no longer going to need the banner, then dispose of your banner the right way. You can call Our team to come remove the sign, and we will use a recycling service such as HP Large-Format Media Recycling Program.

Our team would love the opportunity to provide a concept and product package that will effectively hit the target of your needs. Contact our team today, and we can get you one step closer to your custom sign adventure!

Written by: Topaz SIGNWorks – St. Charles, Missouri

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